Conveyor Belt Repair: Innovative Solutions by WEB Systems™ and Efficient Execution by Evolution Access Technologies

WEB Systems™ demonstrated exceptional expertise in a challenging conveyor belt repair project for an Indian steel plant. Facing ground access limitations and restricted load-bearing capacity, they designed a 75sqm suspended platform with a 2.5kN load-bearing capacity. Installing the WEB Deck™ – Catenary Wire System along the 100-meter conveyor enabled a smooth rolling working front of 25-meter sections. The repair was completed in just four shifts, ensuring minimal disruption to the plant’s operation and showcasing WEB Systems™ as a reliable partner for industrial access solutions.

The project undertaken by Evolution Access involved the use of IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) trained and certified rope access technicians.

Evolution Access Technologies is committed to delivering Industrial Rope Access services for On-Shore and Off-Shore applications for Surveys, Inspection, Maintenance and Repairs. Our projects are meticulously planned and managed in full accordance with globally benchmarked Health, Safety, and Environment standards.